Our Faith Life

Our Faith

The Gospel message of Jesus is the core guiding force in our daily lives. We are called to evangelize and we do that daily by teaching the Catholic faith in all of our classes. Every student received religious instruction daily, however the way that we treat each other is one of the strongest methods of religious instruction.

We attend Mass every Thursday morning and on Holy Days of Obligation. We learn about the lives of the saints so that we can model our lives after them. Our classes attend Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, daily morning prayer during Advent, and Stations of the Cross during Lent.

Our 8th graders celebrate a beautiful May Crowning every May, and our 2nd graders present us the Living Stations on the last Friday before Holy Week.

Our faith shapes us and the decisions we make on a daily basis. The faith is alive and well at St. Nicholas-St. Mary!